Dofus Touch Soft-Launches In Canada

Following over six months in Closed Beta, Ankama Games has soft-launched Dofus Touch in Canada. The mobile version of the popular PC MMORPG Dofus is currently available on iPad via the App Store and Android tablets via Google Play. While there are ways to get a hold of the game client and attempt to play, exercise caution when doing so, [...]

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Dofus is a fantasy MMO that infuses a turn-based tactical system with common elements found in MMORPGs. Explore an isometric world where you can fight monsters, join guilds, craft, and socialize. Publisher: Ankama Games Playerbase: High Type: MMORPG Release Date: September 01, 2004 Pros: +Many classes. +Isometric art style. +Low system requirements. Cons: -Limited content without subscription.

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Dofus Announced For Tablets

Ankama has announced in their "Dofus Goals For 2015" that they intend to release a version of Dofus for Tablets towards the end of the year.  The game will launch with brand new servers, and they've left it ambiguous as to if cross-platform gaming will be available.  Ankama has stated that, "Right now, synchronization is extremely complicated for technical reasons, [...]

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