Dragon Nest Mobile Gameplay Footage Shown Off At ChinaJoy 2016


Every Eastern developer and publisher is pushing their MMORPGs on mobile. Dragon Nest is the latest game to see a reinvigorated life on smartphones. Publisher Shanda Games showed off Dragon Nest mobile at their booth during ChinaJoy 2016, as reported by MMOCulture.

The game appears to be similar to the PC version: anime characters slaying armies of mobs with flashy combat animations. Players will crawl through instance-based dungeons until reaching the boss as one of a few character-based classes.

Steparu mentioned that the game appears to have an autoplay system, which would fall in-line with most mobile titles.

Steparu included a number of gameplay videos that show off exactly what the game looks like on mobile, which you can watch below. It looks fluid, an indicator that mobile is quickly catching up to its PC counterparts.

The game is being co-developed with Eyedentity Mobile, which is based in Berlin and was created by Shanda to develop games for the West. So, while there's no Western release date for Dragon Nest Mobile it is likely to see an English release. Many companies, including Nexon, are striving to gain a greater foothold in the Western market.