Dragon of Legends On Square Enix Collective

Pixel Art MMORPG, Dragon of Legends is seeking help on Square Enix Collective.  Thrive Games, the developer of Dragon of Legends, has released their pitch yesterday... showcasing 2 factions and possibly 7 classes.  The most interesting aspect of the game, is the support of user generated content-- allowing players to use the included editing tools to create custom gear, aesthetics and dungeons.  Players will then be able  to submit their works to be judged and greenlit!

You can check out the collective and support Dragon of Legends here.

  • I like the retro art style a lot. Retro games with pixelated graphics will never "age" the way traditional 3D games do.

  • Nathan Dworzak

    hey thanks remotay! are you the same remo from mmohuts a few years back?

    • Yes, see the about us section =). We have a youtube channel too - see the videos area of the site. I'm doing new first looks, a podcast with some awesome people, and some other fun stuff! ^^

      • Nathan Dworzak

        haha i tried looking for it before but couldn't .. now i found it though! sent you an email lol