Novaquark Is Having Trouble Shipping Dual Universe Physical Kickstarter Rewards

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While most indie studios are content with offering virtual goods as backer rewards in their crowdfunding campaigns, Dual Universe developer Novaquark decided to reward higher-tier backers with actual physical items. These include various merch and swag items, including t-shirts, tote bags, flash drives, art books, and statues.

While I applaud the studio’s dedication to their backers, they’re now in a pickle as to how to deliver the said items amid the global oil crisis and COVID-19 pandemic. According to the team, production of the items is now complete but the significant rise in shipping costs and the lack of a delivery partner has resulted in a delay in their delivery.

Novaquark said that they’re willing to shoulder the additional cost as soon as they find a new delivery partner to work with. “[…] Our partner responsible for handling the shipping of the physical rewards […] recently informed us that they won’t be able to complete the task,” they explained. “We are therefore searching for a new partner to take receipt of the physical rewards and to start shipping them to you as quickly as possible.”

More information can be found on the Dual Universe official site.