Dual Universe Adds A Tactical Map And Reworks Asteroid Spawns In This Week’s Patch

dual universe space sandbox mmorpg tactical map

Novaquark continues to make improvements and add new content to Dual Universe following its official launch in September. The space sandbox MMORPG’s second post launch update is set to go live on December 13th and will introduce new features to make space exploration just a little bit easier for players. The highlight of the update is the new tactical map [...]

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Dual Universe Adds New Cosmetics, Pets, And Gameplay Features In Its First Post-Launch Update

dual universe sci-fi sandbox mmorpg update 1.1 cosmetics

Dual Universe has rolled out its first post-launch update this Monday, bringing a new set of Kickstarter rewards for backers of the space sandbox MMORPG. These include new skins in different colors and varieties, new skins, and two new pet types that come in different tiers and variations. Update 1.1 also introduces grid snapping to make it easier to deploy [...]

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Dual Universe Officially Launches On PC With Free Game Time For Inactive Accounts

dual universe sci-fi sandbox mmorpg pink skies art

Dual Universe is now back online after a few days’ respite as the first-person space sandbox MMORPG officially launches on PC. After eight years of development, both old and new players can now finally begin (or restart) their journey for keeps and explore the farthest reaches of the Milky Way galaxy. The game’s in-depth voxel building mechanics and continuous, persistent [...]

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Fully Editable Sci-fi Sandbox MMORPG Dual Universe Launching on September 27

After 8 years in development, Novaquark's fully editable sci-fi sandbox MMORPG Dual Universe is set to launch on PC through Steam on September 27th. The game has been playable for some time already through its beta program, but servers will reset one the game officially launches. Dual Universe is an innovative single-server experience shared by everyone. Players are able to [...]

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Dual Universe Opens Up The New Alioth Exchange, Celebrates 2nd Year In Beta

dual universe sci-fi sandbox mmo alioth exchange mercury art

Sci-fi sandbox MMO Dual Universe officially opens up the new Alioth Exchange hub as the Mercury Update rolls out on the live servers. As developer Novaquark previously revealed, the Alioth Exchange offers a centralized location where players can set up shops where they can showcase and sell all manner of player-created ships, goods, and services. “The Alioth Exchange in Dual [...]

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Dual Universe Previews Mercury Update And Its New Alioth Exchange Marketplace

dual universe space sandbox mmo alioth exchange mercury update

With Dual Universe steadily marching towards full release, Novaquark is now focusing on polishing up the space sandbox MMORPG in preparation for launch day. The team will be deploying a whole host of tweaks, improvements, and adjustments as part of the upcoming Mercury update, along with a new market place called the Alioth Exchange. “Catering to the entrepreneurs and shoppers [...]

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