Elyon Drops New Paladin Class Trailer Ahead Of Its Debut Later This Month

elyon paladin class key art banner

Kakao Games is preparing to roll out a new class on the western version of Elyon later this month in the form of the mighty Paladin. Equipped with a sword and a shield, Paladins are stalwart Light attribute melee fighters that can swap between support and tank roles on the fly using the power of their auras.

“As ancient guardians of Harth, Paladins were disciples of the prophet Metaton, who taught them to understand the flow of Mana. Although their bloodline was almost severed after the fall of Ancient Harth, their noble mission once again calls upon them to protect the continent during the war between Vulpin and Ontari.”

The Paladin will be making its debut on May 25th. A free Paladin outfit is up for grabs by simply subscribing to Kakao’s newsletter here. In the meantime, you can watch the new class in action in the brand new trailer below.

ELYON | Paladin Trailer