Elyon Will Be Merging NA and EU Servers Into One Server Per Region In February

elyon glass dome banner

Now that the Elyon western launch rush has died down, Kakao Games is now preparing to consolidate the NA and EU servers into just one server per region: Cassiopeia and Andromeda, respectively. The team has yet to announce a set date for the server merge, but they’re looking at getting it done sometime in mid-February.

In preparation for the merge, account creation on the Eridanus (NA), Sagittarius (EU), and Perseus (EU) servers will be disabled starting on January 5th. Players with existing accounts on the said servers will still be able to login, play, and create characters up until the merge. Meanwhile, it’s business as usual for the Andromeda and Cassiopeia servers. Matchmaking for all in-game content will also continue to function as normal on all available servers.

Kakao says that they understand that the merge may change the experience for players on the affected servers and will be granting 30 days of Star’s Blessing and Wilter’s Brush as compensation. These can be claimed by players on Eridanus, Sagittarius, and Perseus starting January 5th.

Details can be found on the Elyon official site.


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