Entropia Universe Let’s Players Invest In Virtual Shares To Earn Real-World Money

entropia universe crystal palace

Editors note: I don't recommend investing any money in Entropia Universe. They have a questionable business model and don't have enough assets to pay out all existing deposits at their advertised exchange rate. See: Entropia Universe - Can Virtual Economies Go Bankrupt?

If you’re looking to invest your money, you might want to check out this new money-making scheme by sci-fi MMORPG Entropia Universe. Starting next year, players will get the chance to buy shares to the Crystal Palace and earn in-game money from loot collected in the area which can then be converted into real money. Now, I don’t really have the financial know-how to explain this but the excerpt below should cover everything you need to know.

“In the first half of 2019, new and existing users will have an opportunity to invest in a piece of the long-running massively multiplayer online (MMO) game by purchasing shares to the historic Crystal Palace location. This pilot investment opportunity marks the first time that a private owner of virtual property is selling shares in a newly created virtual company in Entropia Universe.

The 500,000 available shares equal 100% of the Crystal Palace land area and will be sold in Entropia Universe for 10 Project Entropia Dollars (PED) or $1.00 USD each. Anyone interested can purchase shares for Crystal Palace using an Entropia Universe account. All shares pay out in convertible in-game dividends and are available to be bought and resold throughout Entropia Universe.

The now 13-year-old Crystal Palace consists of four different dome locations, featuring two unique creatures, with 10 varying levels of difficulty, that Entropia Universe players can hunt for loot. When the Crystal Palace was originally sold to the current private owner in 2009, it was one of many times Guinness Book of Records recorded a sale in Entropia Universe. Shareholders will get a proportional cut of the total loot collected across all four domes in the form of PED and can then choose to convert their earnings into real money.

The upcoming Crystal Palace shares are one of the many ways that investment-minded players can earn real-world profits from Entropia Universe. With more than a billion microtransactions taking place in Entropia Universe every month, Entropia Universe boasts a yearly Gross Domestic Product of more than $400 million – equivalent to the nation of Tonga. Entropia Universe property sales in the past have broken world records, including the very first virtual property worth more than $1,000,000. Over this past year alone, the Crystal Palace earned an approximate return on investment of 17% for its current owner.”

Meanwhile, Entropia Universe is celebrating the holiday season with this year’s Merry Mayhem event. During the event, players can take part in three monster hunting categories where they can earn Christmas Strongboxes and Mayhem Tokens which can be exchanged for exclusive in-game rewards.

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