Entropia Universe Puts $5000 Invisible Armor On Sale


Entropia Universe AB announced today that they have unleashed the Ethereal "Invisible" Armor upon the game's real-cash economy webshop. For only one payment of $5000, you too can own this "extremely rare" armor that you can't even show off. If interested, you will want to purchase them quickly, as there are only 25 available. They officially went on sale at 1 PM UTC today.

Entropia Universe has a culture of absurdly large transactions for its in-game items, but that doesn't make each new transaction any less absurd. The draw here is clearly the exclusivity of the item. You could be one of only 25 owners! But one has to wonder why you would intentionally spend $5000 on invisible armor.

How likely are you to purchase one of these beautifully crafted sets of invisible armor?