Escape From Tarkov's NDA To Be Lifted On March 24th

Battlestate Games announced today that it will be lifting the NDA on its MMOFPS, Escape From Tarkov, on March 24th. At that time, players will be able to freely publish images and videos from the game, as well as livestream it.

Battlestate Games Studio Lead Nikita Buyanov had the following to say about the announcement.

We have refrained from lifting the NDA on Escape from Tarkov for quite a while. We did this to meet the high expectations of our players and show the project as it was meant to be seen. Today we are happy to announce the upcoming removal of the NDA so streamers around the world will be able to feature Escape from Tarkov to their audience.

Following the lifting of the NDA this Friday, we will finally get some answers to the most pressing questions we have about Escape From Tarkov, such as "is the gun customization as cool as it looks?" and "what exactly is the game anyways?"

Despite the fact that the NDA will be lifted this Friday, the game will remain in a fairly limited Closed Alpha state. Those that want a chance to take part can still pre-order the game via the official website. Closed Beta is currently planned for this summer.