EVE Echoes Celebrates First Anniversary On Mobile As EVE Online Celebrates Amarr Foundation Day

eve online amarr foundation day 2021 banner

EVE Echoes is celebrating its first anniversary with a massive update that introduces several new key features to the EVE Online mobile spinoff, including a new training tutorial, new corporation support structures, new data and relic site POI’s, and the new Faction Wargames instance.

“In order to adapt to progressive war dynamics, the naval departments of Amarr, Caldari, Minmatar, and Gallente have installed a Faction Wargames simulator system. Capsuleers can join the simulated battle at any NPC-owned station. You can hone and polish your combat skills without worrying about losing your own ship.”

Players participating in the simulation will be randomly assigned a faction and will have access to a variety of ships ranging from frigates to destroyers, most of which can be used for free during the exercise. Participants will have the chance to earn various rewards such as test-type modules, drones, nanocores, and ship reverse-engineering materials.

CCP Games has also kicked off several anniversary events and a celebration pass with Celebration Nanocores and SKIN’s, Blueprint Supply Chests, Skill Points, and other exclusive rewards up for grabs. Details can be found on the EVE Echoes official site.

1 Year Anniversary Livestream | EVE Echoes

Meanwhile, EVE Online is also giving away free stuff as part of a new daily login event in celebration of Amarr Foundation Day.

“Today the holy Amarr people come together to honor the sanctity of Amarr Foundation Day, celebrating the construction of the first Amarr church by Prophet Dano Gheinok. Said to be built over this original church, the Grand Basilica of St. Gheinok sits in the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad and is considered the "mother church" of the Amarr Imperial Rite.”

Players can claim daily gifts by simply logging in to the game from now until August 12. Subscribers, a.k.a. Omega clones also have the chance to earn exclusive Amarr-themed SKINs and up to 25,000 skill points. Check out the video below or head over to the EVE Online official site to learn more about the event.

EVE Online | The Amarr Empire

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