EVE Echoes Hits 2 Million New Players, EVE Online Japanese Localization In The Works

eve echoes 2 million bannerEVE Echoes has reached the 2 million-player mark just over a month since it launched in mid-August. EVE Echoes is a mobile version of EVE Online, the popular sci-fi sandbox game from Icelandic development studio CCP Games.

Like the original game, it features a large sandbox world, inter-galactic space combat, exploration, resource gathering, industrial manufacturing, open-world PvP, piracy, and a player-controlled economy run by big in-game corporations. If this is the first time you're hearing about EVE Echoes, you can check out the official launch trailer way down below.

Meanwhile over on the original game, CCP Games revealed on Twitter that they’re currently working on localizing the game for Japanese players. “We want to acknowledge and thank our Japanese Capsuleer community for being a committed and integral part of EVE's global playerbase,” tweeted the studio. “CCP Games will soon be providing complete localization for the Japanese EVE Online community.”