EVE Echoes ‘Indomitable’ Expansion Is Now Live On Android And iOS

eve echoes indomitable key art bannerNetEase Games and CCP Games has just launched Indomitable, the first expansion for their EVE Online mobile spin-off, EVE Echoes. Indomitable is a free expansion adds new gameplay mechanics and features to expand the scope of the game, including the ability to acquire, control, and defend territories and structures in nullsec.

“INDOMITABLE will bring even fiercer fights to the regions of EVE Echoes classed as nullsec space, which are also known as the most hazardous and lawless systems in the game. The addition of highly anticipated Territorial Claim Units, Corporation Stations, and Player-owned Stations such as Citadels provides pilots with the chance to assert control and claim sovereignty over these nullsec areas. Citadels are not mere structures built to function in the background, rather they operate as both a base and shelter for players and their allies in these lawless and dangerous zones. These Citadels will become some of the most important strategic locations in New Eden, and the race to establish them has begun!”

The expansion also takes PvP conflicts to new heights by increasing maximum fleet size to 50 pilots and alliance capacity to 30 corporations. The new Time Dilation feature also offers players a smoother gameplay experience when joining thousand-player battles. “When lots of pilots start to crowd in a system, TiDi will activate automatically and slow all in-game actions while keeping them running smoothly to prevent players from lagging and crashing,” explains CCP. “TiDi allows epic battles to take place on a scale never seen before in EVE Echoes.”

Producer Su Wei also teased a new expansion that will be coming soon to the game. “Now we’re working on updating the system to support more than 500 pilots in one system. In the future, we will add more content, including more corporation structures, new citadel skins, and increase the resource output of nullsec areas,” he said.

You’ll find the official expansion trailer just after the break. More information can also be found on the EVE Echoes official site.