EVE London Returns With An In-Person EVE Online Tournament Live Viewing Party

eve online london bridge ships banner

Great news for gamers in London or those who can travel to the city this November. EVE London will be returning to an in-person event this fall with a live viewing party of the upcoming EVE Online Alliance Tournament 10vs10 PvP event. EVE London will be one of the first gaming events to return to traditional face-to-face encounters after nearly two years of trying to keep the spread of COVID-19 in check through purely-digital events.

The event will be held on November 6th at the iconic The Oyster Shed seafood restaurant on the banks of the Thames river. Attendees will have full private access to the restaurant’s first floor balcony, meeting room, the Captain’s Table, and the Rockefeller Lounge during the event. They’ll also be able to order sample food from the iconic restaurant’s seafood menu or take a short ride to Borough Market, one of London’s popular food spots, if they’re not into seafood.

While it’s always good to see the world trying to return to some semblance of normalcy amid the pandemic, it’s important to note that the virus and all its newer variant still pose a huge threat, especially in crowded cities like London. According to the The New York Times, the average daily infection rate in the UK still sits at roughly 30,000 cases, which is still an alarming number. Hopefully, the situation improves by November and should you decide to attend the EVE London, or any in-person event for that matter, please remember to observe proper health and safety protocols.