EVE Online Is Giving Away Free Invasion Starter Kits To Steam Players

eve online invasion bannerWith the EVE Online Invasion expansion coming out in just a few days, CCP Games is giving away a free Invasion Starter Kit to help rookie capsuleers get their bearings in New Eden. The starter kit contains an assortment of in-game goodies that includes one week of Omega premium access, free skill points, the Blood Raider costume, and more.

“As the Triglavian invasion looms on the horizon with EVE's upcoming new expansion, the Invasion Starter Pack offers pilots a flying start in New Eden with seven days of Omega premium access, giving double skill training speed and more. Used in combination with the 250k Skill Points and Cerebral Accelerator provided, pilots can develop quickly in desired areas and prepare for the imminent attack. Also included are 5x Abyssal Filaments for access to Abyssal Deadspace, where pilots can face the Triglavians before they emerge from where they reside. All of this, plus awesome ship SKINs previously exclusive to specific events and stylish character apparel ensure that starter spaceships and characters will look the part when the action kicks off.”

The entire bundle normally costs $4.99 but will be available for free on Steam from May 23rd to May 25th. The Invasion expansion lands on May 28th so claim your free starter kits now. Head over to the EVE Online Steam Community Page to learn more.