EverQuest 2 Launches Seeds of Vengeance, Free Lvl 100 Heroic Characters for All

EverQuest 2's previous announced Seeds of Vengeance update officially went live this week and in order to celebrate and allow new players to experience the content, Daybreak Games is giving everyone free level 100 heroic characters with temporary access to the Planes of Prophecy Expansion. These free level 100 heroic characters can only be created up until June 7th, and after the 7th those free characters will no longer be able to progress without purchasing the Planes of Prophecy expansion.

These level 100 heroic characters come with the following items:

  • Shadowed Selecat Familiar
  • Personal Avatar Mercenary
  • Nether Harbinger Flying Mount
  • A full set of gear, including new unique armor variants
  • And other unique items!

The Seeds of Vengeance update has players returning to the Shard of Hate where solo, group, and raid groups can challenge new bosses, puzzles, and new areas.

Full Shards of Vengeance changelog.