EverQuest 2 Producer Unveils Summer 2019 Roadmap, Pride Bunny Included

everquest 2 pride bunny bannerEverQuest 2 has a whole host of content planned for this summer to give players something to do while they wait for the game’s 15th anniversary and expansion launch later this year. Holly “Windstalker” Longdale reveals their Summer 2019 Roadmap in her latest Producer’s Letter.

Players can look forward to Legendary Ethereal Gear, new Expert heroic dungeons, and new Chaos Descending Public Quests. The first season of Nagafen PvP Server will also end on June 18th with Season 2 starting a month later on July 16th.

Daybreak Games also shows their support for the LGBTQ community with Pride-themed bunny familiars. These free multi-colored pets will be making their way to the in-game store on June 21st and will be available for a limited-time until July 31st. The second Scorched Sky celebrations will also be kicking off on June 26th bringing with it new Ember merchant items and the return of Scorched Sky-themed events including the “Tempered by Flame” quest, fire-dancing, and fireworks.

“During this special celebration, the devotees of Flame are offering a chance for all to rejoice in the primal power of Fire and Flame, with no grudge towards those who have embraced other deities. They believe that within the flames all mettle is tempered, both literally and figuratively. That which is weak, distracting, and fleeting will be burned away in battles against fire elementals, leaving only the strong and resilient.”

Finally, EverQuest Anniversary Packs are now available on the in-game store at a low introductory price of $19.99. The packs, which normally cost $34.99, contain a number of useful in-game goodies including a backpack, a mount Barding Slot unlocker, Journeyman Boots of Adventure, a Flame-Branded Steed mount, and more.

Check out the EverQuest 2 official site to learn more.