EverQuest Celebrates Its 24th Anniversary With An XP Boost And New Quests

everquest 24th anniversary key art

In March 1999, Sony Online Entertainment launched what would become one of the pillars of the MMORPG genre, a game called EverQuest.

Since then, hundreds, if not thousands, of MMORPGs have come and gone, some have been rebooted, remade, and remastered. Even Sony Online Entertainment has undergone drastic changes over the years. EverQuest, however, has remained virtually unchanged and is still getting constant updates as the cult classic MMORPG celebrates its 24th anniversary this week.

To celebrate the occasion, Darkpaw Games will be boosting experience gains by 50% through April 1st. The team is also giving away goofy anniversary hats to all players and granting subscribers the “Commemorator” title, along with an exclusive weapon ornament and goblet of adventure. Players can also take part in a brand-new mission, three new quests, and unlock content from previous anniversary events.

“Twenty-four years. Let that sink in. That’s an incredible number of quests completed, achievements earned, baddies destroyed, zones traveled, items and commodities crafted, and everything else under the Norrathian sun,” touted Daybreak subsidiary Darkpaw Games.

“Even Lendiniara the Keeper, featured in this year’s Anniversary key-art, smiles indulgently at your progress and success. And we continue to do this because of you!” the studio added. “Every single one of you inspires us to keep developing new content, items, and just good old fashioned gaming fun. We cannot thank you enough for being part of the EverQuest family!”

The anniversary festivities will run alongside the Brew Day Saint Patrick’s Day event which will come to a close on March 28th.