EverQuest 2's Thirteenth Expansion, Kunark Ascending, Is Live


EverQuest 2's latest expansion, Kunark Ascending, is live and sits as the 13th expansion since EverQuest 2's release in 2004.

It will take great courage to stand against the coming darkness. When the Tenets of Hate ascend, will you stand against them? Norrath remains in danger from Lanys T’Vyl and her ruthless pursuit of power. Journey to Obulus Frontier in North Kunark and adventure through areas both familiar and undiscovered as you attempt to protect the last Chaos Stone from Lanys’ evil clutches!

The expansion adds Ascension classes for all max level characters, which become available once you finish the main quest line in Kunark Ascending. There are four Ascension classes in all, ranging the elements.

What would an expansion be without raid zones; there are six in all, " from the magical Arcanna’se Spire, to the former cities of Kaesora and Torsis."

And of course there's a new zone: Obulus Frontier. Begin your journey amid fire and stone and ascend to the deceivingly quiet Waslik's Wood.

An EverQuest 2 expansion is always welcome. Will you be venturing in Kunark's Ascending?