EverQuest Celebrates 20th Anniversary With PlanetSide 2 Crossover Event

everquest 20th anniversary planetside 2Crossover events and promotions seem to be the trend these past couple of months. We’ve had Resident Evil 2 crossing over with PUBG Mobile, TERA with PUBG, and Nier Automata with Final Fantasy XIV. This time EverQuest makes an appearance in PlanetSide 2 in celebration of the MMORPG’s 20th anniversary.

Starting today, Auraxis soldiers will gain access to a new EverQuest-themed directive line. Complete the directive to earn an exclusive reward.

“Scattered along the furthest reaches of Auraxis, soldiers will come across collectable 'shinies' that will reveal a brief glimpses into the history of EverQuest.

Uncover EverQuest's rich history by gathering up the shinies and completing the tasks in the directive line in order to earn the Fatestealer dagger at Tier 3 completion.”

Your Fatestealer dagger can then be upgraded to the corrosive Nightshade dagger by completing a final round of trials. The Nightshade dagger’s corrosive edge can deal damage to even the thickest of armors. You have until Sunday, March 31st at 11:59pm PT to earn your exclusive dagger.

Check out the PlanetSide 2 official site to learn more.