EverQuest's 24th Expansion - Ring of Scale Launches Today

Daybreak Games released the 24th expansion to EverQuest today titled Ring of Scale. Yes, you read that correctly - this is the 24th expansion to the game. While EverQuest (1999) was a pioneer in the MMORPG space it's still relevant even today and is one of the longest running MMORPGs out there. The Ring of Scale expansion increases the game's level cap to 110, adds 6 new zones to explore, adds 9 new raids, new missions, and much more. It also concludes the storyline which started in the previous expansion, Empires of Kunark.

EverQuest: Ring of Scale can be purchased for $34.99 for the standard edition, $89.99 for the Collector's Edition, and $139.99 for the Premium Edition. While EverQuest has a free to play option much like EverQuest 2, accessing current content requires the purchase of the expansion. Purchasing the latest expansion grants access to all previous expansion content too, so new players don't need to spend a fortune to start experiencing current content in EverQuest.

Learn more about Ring of Scale on the game's official expansion site.