Face Off Against A Living Nightmare In The New Old School Runescape Group Boss

old school runescape nightmare ashihama bannerDo you have what it takes to go up against a living nightmare in Old School Runescape? Jagex has just brought a new group boss to the fray with new combat mechanics and rare rewards just waiting to be looted. Meet the Nightmare of Ashihama:

“It started with a dream.

For too long, the sirens of Ashihama had been plagued by a terrifying monster known only as The Nightmare. They dreamt of one day defeating the creature for good, but they only succeeded in driving it across the ocean, to a far-off land where even the bravest of sirens feared to tread. A land called Morytania.

But one siren, Shura, refused to give up on her dream. Many of her companions had fallen victim to The Nightmare in that final battle, and she wasn’t about to let it hurt anyone else. She journeyed across the ocean, where she found The Nightmare lurking in the cursed town of Slepe. It was injured. It was weakened. But it was slowly making its presence known, feeding on the dreams of the innocent townsfolk and growing stronger every moment.

Shura can’t face The Nightmare alone. She needs your help to beat it back, to keep it contained until she’s able to defeat it once and for all.

Are you up to the challenge? Or will you fall, like so many others, to the eldritch power of The Nightmare?”

According to the official press release, the Nightmare of Ashihama is the first group boss in the game with a unique focus on teamwork and cooperative play. Groups of up to 80 players can participate in the fight with the difficulty scaling depending on the size of the group. Jagex says that you can even take on the Nightmare alone if you’re up for the challenge. Every player who takes part in the fight will get a reward eliminating the need to scramble to get loot or draw lots to see who gets the best items. The chances of getting rare rewards also scale depending on how much damage you deal during the encounter.

Aside from the new boss encounter, players can also participate in other challenges in Morytania such as the Theatre of Blood high-level raid and the Barrows combat encounter.

You’ll find the Nightmare of Ashihama trailer after the jump. You can also head over to the Old School Runescape official site to learn more.