Final Fantasy XIV goes more in-depth with its Patch 4.1 Job Changes

Earlier, we extensively covered Final Fantasy XIV's latest Letter from the Producer LIVE, a massive 3-hour live stream from the developers of FFXIV, who gave us a plethora of new information regarding the upcoming Patch 4.1. Now, courtesy of Bayohne, the Community Rep for FFXIV, we have updates regarding the Job changes coming in Patch 4.1!

  • Warrior
    • Steel Cyclone will now heal for more HP
    • Fell Cleave, Decimate, Inner Release will now replace Inner Beast, Steel Cyclone, and Unchained on players' hotbars
    • Shake it Off will now give a party-wide shield, and will increase by 4% if the player has Thrill of Battle, Inner Beast, Vengeance, or Raw Intuition applied. The player will lose these buffs upon executing Shake it Off
  • Dragoon
    • Heavy Thrust now does less damage. Everything else does more damage.
    • Life of the Dragon will only take 3 Eyes to enter, instead of 4.
  • Ninja
    • Doton - Kind of nerfed, kind of buffed. Overall, it should do the same, damage is just calculated a bit differently now.
    • Shukuchi's animation has been sped up
  • Machinist
    • Hypercharge's effects have been increased for the Turret
  • Arcanist's Summon, Summon 2, and Summon 3 now cost less.
  • Summoner
    • Tri-bind now does potency as an Area of Effect attack
    • Ruin Mastery has been changed. Ruin upgrades to Ruin 3, and Ruin 2 upgrades to Ruin 4
    • Ruin 3 is now instant-cast under the effect of Dreadwyrm Trance
    • Ruin 4 will now only replace Ruin 2 under the effect of Further Ruin
    • Aetherpact/Devotion now buffs all party members near pet.
  • Scholar
    • Adloquium's MP cost reduced.
    • Succor's MP cost reduced, and will now give shields equal to 150% of the heal.
  • Caster changes
    • Addle, Mana Shift, Apocatastasis have had their recast times reduced
    • Surecast will now keep the draw-in/knockback immunity even during casting
  • Arcanist/Summoner/Scholar's Sustain is coming back.

Overall, these are good changes, but I worry that Square Enix might be going down the slippery slope of over-buffing classes, like they did with Bard and Astrologian during Heavensward.