Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 38 Roundup - 4.1 Announcements, and more!

More Main Story Quests. The Drowned City of Skalla. New PvP Content, a new Extreme-mode Trial, the addition of a 24-man Raid Roulette, and most importantly, THE UNENDING COIL OF BAHAMUT (ULTIMATE) - there's so much content in Final Fantasy XIV's latest Letter from the Producer LIVE that I can barely hold it all at once! Lets get into a neat bullet list of major things coming this patch, before showing off some concept art, slides, and other miscellaneous information! We'll be splitting this list into

New story and battle-related content coming in Patch 4.1

  • New Main Scenario Quests shall be coming in Patch 4.1, continuing the story where The Royal Menagerie left off!
  • The single new dungeon in Patch 4.1 will be The Drowned City of Skalla. It shall be added to the Expert Roulette, alongside the current 3 dungeons already present.
  • A new Alliance Raid Roulette will be added to the game! It shall include all of the old 24-man raid content back from the 2.0 and 3.0 series of the game.
  • THE UNENDING COIL OF BAHAMUT (ULTIMATE) WILL BE ADDED AS PART OF THE NEW "BEYOND SAVAGE" DIFFICULTY! Ahem, pardon me. As someone who was lucky enough to experience the Coils of Bahamut during the Patch 2.0 Series, this is an amazing shock that they would return to such an iconic raid series, and tune it for Level 70 Gear & Content
  • The Royal Menagerie (Extreme) - An in-between step, for people stuck on Deltascape v3.0 Savage.
  • More floors for the Lost Canals of Uznair!
  • A new PvP mode - "Rival Wings," where 24 players will face off against 24 more, riding various mechs and mounts to do combat!
  • An Update to Adventurer Squadrons - a new level cap, and they can now enter dungeons with the player!
  • Kojin Beast Tribe Quests, and Hildibrand makes his grand return!
  • An all-new 24-man Raid Series - known as Return to Ivalice!

We're not done yet - System Updates and other content!

  • Beast Tribe and Venture currency moved to the Currency menu, will no longer take up inventory space
  • Bards can now play instruments! Hitting keys will produce notes, and let players enjoy performing tunes in-game! Get multiple bards to make a concert!
  • Shirogane housing will be released in 4.1!
  • Cross-world tell functions and friend lists!
  • A new UI for crafters and gatherers, making turn-ins easier!

That's all for now, folks! Thank you for coming on this fantastic preview of what's to come in Patch 4.1 - The Legend Returns!