Final Fantasy XIV Ups Gold Saucer Rewards For Annual Make It Rain Campaign

final fantasxy xiv gold saucer cactuarSquare Enix gives Final Fantasy XIV players something else to focus their attention on while waiting for the Shadowbringers expansion to come out in July, and earn rewards in the process. If gambling and mini-games is your cup of tea, then the annual Make it Rain Campaign, which launches on Thursday, June 6th, should hold you off till the expansion launch, or at least until it ends on June 24th.

During the campaign, players will be able to acquire the highly-requested Senor Sabotender emote by visiting the Gold Saucer and completing “a very heartwarming story.” You’ll also get an MGP card for your troubles. Gold Saucer attractions will also reward players with 50% more MGP. And, to add more value to your winnings, a number of MGP rewards will also be offered at a discount including Gold Saucer GARO collaboration gear, along with Gambler’s, Bunny, and Rivera equipment. Play at Home Gold Saucer attractions are also discounted during the campaign.

The Make it Rain Campaigns kicks off on Thursday, June 6th at 1am PDT and ends on Monday, June 24th at 7:59am PDT. Check out the Final Fantasy XIV official site for more details.