In a First for 2017, Avabel Online - a Mobile MMORPG - is heading to Console and PC!

Between Tera M, Mabinogi Mobile, Fate/Grand Order, and Sword Art Online: Integral Factor, my head is positively spinning. It seems everything is going mobile these days! On days like these, it wouldn't hurt to kick back, relax, and play a desktop MMORPG...which has been ported over from a Mobile platform!

No matter where you go, it seems you can't escape mobile gaming. Avabel Online, a mobile MMORPG that was actually launched back in 2013, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam. The console versions will have support for controllers, and Steam will feature traditional KB+M set-ups - though it remains to be seen if a controller can be used on the PC version.

Though we don't have much information, Japanese sources have claimed that all platforms will share a connected, cross-platform world. Check out our First Look at Avabel Online down below!