EXAVA Is A PvP-Only Version Of Avabel Online


Have you ever thought "man, Avabel Online has too much PvE. Why can't I just own newbs all day?" You're in luck, as ASOBIMO announced today that it has released a PvP-only version of Avabel called EXAVA. EXAVA allows players to jump into combat from the moment they log in. Each player selects a team of five characters from a roster of 21 characters before they jump in; you will control one of the characters directly, while two will be controlled by the AI and another two are placed on the bench as backups. Once in-game, the only goal is to get as many kills as possible within three minutes.

An Alpha version of EXAVA launched on the App Store and Google Play today. ASOBIMO has not yet specified whether progress will be reset after Alpha or not. More information about the game can be found on the official website.