Fishing Planet Brings Massively Multiplayer Fishing On August 11th

Having come out of nowhere with a store description that seems to intentionally insult recent efforts like Dovetail Games Fishing and World of Fishing, Fishing Planet aims to bring you "a true-to-life fishing simulator that can help you improve your actual angling skills" in a massively multiplayer setting. The game will feature over 32 species of fish, with each behaving uniquely, thousands of tackle combinations, a weather system, and realistic physics, among other features. While not featured in the initial release, the game will also feature multiplayer, including online tournaments, for both team and solo brackets, leaderboards, and duels "created based on the world's most popular fishing competitions."

All considered, it sounds a bit like the fishing version of theHunter. The initial version will be out on Steam on the 11th, and it appears that it will be free-to-play from the very beginning with optional DLC packs being offered.