Flyff Legacy Takes Flyff To Mobile Devices Tomorrow In Korea


The Flyff Legacy Beta has been available in English for a while now. In fact, the game was originally planned to launch globally at the end of 2016. But that didn't happen. Now, according to 2p, ABYSS has announced that the game will be launching in South Korea tomorrow.

Flyff Legacy is a mobile adaptation of the classic anime-styled Korean MMORPG Flyff. The game features an open world, flying, "various special dungeons," and arena PvP. 2p is reporting that there are four classes—Acrobat, Assist, Magician, and Mercenary—but the Google Play page for the English version does not have the Assist class listed, so the Korean version might be ahead in terms of content updates.

Those that are interested can find the English version of the game on Google Play. The Korean version, which may very well have an option to play the game in English, will likely be made available through channels like Qoo App when it goes live tomorrow.