Fly For Fun Is Back as a No Download Cross-Platform Browser MMORPG With Improved Graphics

flyff universe browser mmorpg cross-platform logo

Fly For Fun, better known as FLYFF, relaunched earlier this year as a no download cross-platform browser MMORPG. We covered the launch in May and the game is off to an incredible start. It hit over 800,000 players a month after launch and continues to quietly add content.

While there was a big push to move client based MMOs to browsers almost a decade ago with Runes of Magic announcing the move (which has since failed), Fly For Fun seems to have accomplished this quite well. In fact, it's quite impressive how seamless the experience is. Players can jump into the world of Flyff in literally 1 click without even having to register (via guest accounts which can later be registered to save them). Seriously - check it out yourself here.

While I don't think Flyff is a particularly amazing game, making the game super accessible across PC, Mobile, or any other device with a browser is incredibly smart. We've had 3D browser games forever, but rarely do we see an existing MMORPG become browser based with zero obvious issues. The game just runs incredibly well. In fact, it runs even better than the original client version. I'd love to see more games utilize the technology behind Flyff as it could breath life into many older MMOs.

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