Fortnite Hits 3.4 Million Concurrent Users, Surpasses PUBG

fortnite soldier duo

Fortnite hit a new peak of 3.4 million concurrent users this past weekend (Feb 3-4 2018) before suffering a major outage due to the high server demand.

Epic Games posted an article on the outage earlier today titled Postmortem Of Service Outage At 3.4M CCU that goes into some of the details on how the meltdown played out. The post goes into great detail on exactly which systems failed and how. Its all above my pay grade, but the article seems specifically aimed at a technical audience. Epic makes a pitch to potential employees at the start by asking for resume submissions. So if you know what a MongoDB shard is, be sure to take Epic Games up on their offer of employment!

The primary MCP database is comprised of 9 MongoDB shards, where each shard has a writer, two read replicas, and a hidden replica for redundancy. At a high level user specific data is spread across 8 shards, whereas the remaining shard contains matchmaking sessions, shared service caches, and runtime configuration data.

More importantly for the general audience is that Fortnite has now surpassed Playerunknown's Battlegrounds in peak concurrent users. It may very well be the biggest PC and console game in the world right now!

Further Reading: Official Post

  • Yasuka

    First time I see a gaming company explain where and why they got technical issues. Real professional and proof they found the problem quickly.

  • Corpito

    passed em probably because its F2P. just saying.

    • zeme

      And cause it's the better game >.>

      • Nubatron

        That most likely plays a huge part, but keep in mind that you have to keep that audience as well. I've actually played both. PUBG on one hand is pretty cool and all. I like the idea of as much realism as possible, while still keeping it fun. However, there are a lot of bugs and ~every 3rd game I run into obvious cheaters. Things like someone snapping onto me as soon as the top of my head peaks over the hill. Or someone sitting on left mousebutton with no recoil at all without any recoil mods on his weapon. Not to speak of the lags early game (which got better with recent patches, but still exists).

        On the other hand Fortnite doesn't really suffer from these. Saying that there are no bugs would be really shameless. Because there are. Every game has those, but they are not as bad as in PUBG. For cheaters, didn't really meat any so far, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. As for the lags, we are under a topic about server outage, no?

        So, is any of them better than the other?
        The answer is: Why would you even compare them? PUBG is much better in terms of realism and weapon modding and vehicles add quite a fun twist to it (which can also be frustrating at times). Fortnite is much more action oriented with building giving combat an extra twist. Neither of the two is bad.
        Thinking that Fortnite only surpassed PUBG in concurrent players is just because it's F2P is stupid. And calling a game better than the other when only their basic concept is the same (while they have vastly different gameplay) is just dumb as hell.