Game Of Dice Celebrates The Holidays With Update And Event


Joycity's online mobile board game, Game of Dice, has broken four million downloads, a milestone that happened to occur just before the holidays. In order to celebrate these two momentous occasions, a brand new update has launched with several new major features. A Christmas event and a new, Christmas-themed map have launched alongside the update.

With this update, players can now craft Characters, Skill Cards, and Instant Entry Tickets. Guilds can now participate in Guild Matches against other guilds every weekend. These matches will allow them to earn rewards while raising their guild's rank. Dice can be enhanced to the 6-Star level, unlocking four new abilities in the process. Characters can evolve beyond 5-Star Platinum Grade and into the 5-Star Diamond Grade. New Skill Cards have been added alongside a "Hologram Sticker system" for Skill Cards.

A new "luxury shop" is now open in-game. "Special Event Skill Cards" can be purchased from it using Luxury Points. Luxury Points can be earned by "drawing or combining Skill Cards." VIP benefits have been upgraded as a result of the luxury shop opening, but details have yet to be revealed.