Game Of Dice Gets Multiple PSY Cameos


Earlier this month, Joycity announced a collaboration with PSY—the singer-songwriter that is infamous for his song Gangnam Style—that would have him added to their title Game of Dice as a playable character. The previous character's demeanor was inspired by his song Daddy and featured both English and Korean voice-overs done by PSY. The character—named "Daddy PSY"—was available for approximately one week, eventually being removed from sale on January 22nd. Alongside the new character, dice featuring PSY's face could be obtained by collecting fragments at login every day.

Yesterday, a new PSY character entered the game; Gangnam PSY. Gangnam PSY's demeanor is inspired by his song Gangnam Style and he dances the infamous Gangnam Style dance as he moves around the game board. As with the last PSY character, Gangnam PSY features both English and Korean voice-overs. The character will be available for purchase until February 3rd.

A "Limited PSY Edition Skill Card" featuring a "hologram effect" that increases dice control by up to 60% is now available. Three more skill cards—I Dare You, Ghostly Call, and I'm Taking It—have been added, as well, allowing players to "take money or properties."

Additionally, several events are being held while Gangnam PSY is available. "Various events" will be giving out large quantities of in-game currency. An "Oppa Gangnam Style Event" will be giving gifts to players that collect Golden Disks.