Gamigo Shuts Down Twin Saga, Eden Eternal, Defiance

Gamigo decided today was a good day to prune their MMORPG branches. In one fell swoop, the closure of Eden Eternal, Twin Saga, and Defiance were announced.

In similarly worded posts on each game's respective website, it was announced that the servers would officially close on April 29, 2021. New registrations have already been disabled, but those who already have the games installed have roughly 2 more months to say their goodbyes. Experience boosts, in-game events, item giveaways, and other freebies will be active until the official shut down date.

To learn more about each game's special server events during the sunset period, check out the official posts for each closure. Players can also use special gift codes to help transition to surviving Gamigo titles:


Grand Fantasia: WELCOMEEE


Desert Operations: DESERTSTORM



Gamigo's portfolio has grown steadily over the past few years with the purchase of Aeria Games, Trion Worlds, and mostly recently KingsIsle Entertainment of Wizard101 fame.

The Defiance closure includes both the original version and the updated Defiance 2050 of the game.

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