Generation Zero’s Resistance Update Adds Base Defense Missions, Now Live On PC

generation zero resistance lookout tower bannerGeneration Zero survivors have finally banded together against the highly-advanced robots that have taken over the world with the release of the Resistance update. After a year of scampering through the ruins of human civilization and scavenging to survive, the survivors now have the means to construct a base and defend it from the mechanized threat.

To start the first defense mission, players must make their way to the Forest Region (which has also received an extensive revamp) and complete the “Good News” mission. Upon completing the mission, players will gain access to the Command Center which is where they can opt to participate in defense missions. Once a defense mission is initiated, players will be given time to gear up, shore up their defenses, and prepare for the upcoming fight.

“Solid structures won't be the only way to defend your newly found command center. Every successful resistance evolves along with its enemies, even with its support equipment. Experimental weapons helped you get the upper hand, and experimental items could help you go on the offensive. With each successful defense of your base, you will find new consumable items to craft and explore. These range from alternative health packs, all the way to new ammo types.”

The challenge trees have also been update to include a new challenge related to base building. In addition, a paid Soviet Weapons Pack has been added to the game which contains the Kotenok Sniper Rifle, the AT-WAD Assault Rifle, the RLG-7 Rocket Launcher, and various attachments.

Head over to the Generation Zero Steam Community Page for more info.