Genshin Impact: The Most Successful Asian Developed Mobile RPG In The West

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Since Genshin Impact launched worldwide on September 28, 2020 the game has succeeded where countless other mobile RPGs have failed in the West. It has remained consistently popular, something no other Asian developed mobile RPG has been able to do.

Genshin Impact has remained in the top 20 highest grossing mobile games in the United States since launch. Shanghai based Mihoyo has so far succeeded where countless other Korean and Chinese gaming studios have failed. They're seeing lasting success in the West.

While mobile gacha RPGs are big business in South Korea, Japan, and China, these games rarely succeed in the West. Games like Lineage 2: Revolution, MapleStory M, and Black Desert Mobile have each generated over a billion dollars in the last year and are hugely popular in Asia. These games all launched localized versions in the U.S. with massive marketing budgets, but they quickly fizzled out. While these titles are all massive successes, they have been total flops in the West.

Genshin Impact Highest Grossing Mobile Games Rank (USA, IOS):

Source: AppAnnie

So what's the secret sauce behind Genshin Impact's success in the West? It's a genuinely good game. It has the same gacha mechanics as other popular Asian free to play mobile RPGs, but the core gameplay is actually fun and its production value is some of the best I've ever seen. Combat is fast paced and action oriented and just feels good. But that's not all. You also have to actually play the game as there's no auto play mechanics. Just about every mobile RPG developed in South Korea and China has built in auto play mechanics which often feel weird to Western audiences.

Genshin Impact isn't just successful in the West; it's successful worldwide. The game is regularly in the top 10 highest grossing mobile games in China, South Korea, and Japan. Time will tell if Genshin Impact can maintain its success in the West, but I think it will. If you haven't played it yet, definitely give it a chance.