Get An Early Look At FLAME VS BLAZE In Its First English Trailer

You may remember FLAME VS BLAZE from when Square Enix first announced it last year. At the time, the mobile 3v3 MOBA was expected to go live in Japan sometime during "winter 2016," with a North American release following closely behind. At the time, the game was also known by the name "FLAME x BLAZE," its official name in Japan, but it seems that Square Enix subtly changed the name to "FLAME VS BLAZE" for the Western market.

For those who don't know, the team working on the game is referred to as "an all-star development team." Its members include veteran Square Enix employees such as Producer Hironori Okayama, who previously worked on Kingdom Hearts Unchained x; Director Yuji Abe, who previously worked on the Final Fantasy XIII series; and character designer Gen Kobayashi, who previously worked on The World Ends With You.

Square Enix released the first English trailer for the game today and it gives us a somewhat better look at the title's unique features. Battles are expected to last a mere 10 minutes each. Players choose a "customizable" character and then jump into the fray. Each character can transform, giving players additional strategic choices to make in the heat of battle. During each match, teams are required to destroy the other team's reactor. Should neither reactor be destroyed withing a certain amount of time, they will come to life and do battle as boss monsters.

While we do not yet have a release window for the North American version, nor a Closed Beta date, Qoo App is reporting that the Japanese version's first Closed Beta will be live from March 15th to March 17th.