Square Enix Steps Into Mobile MOBA Arena With FLAME x BLAZE


Square Enix is making its entrances into the mobile MOBA arena with FLAME x BLAZE, featuring 3v3 matches imbued with a colorful anime aesthetic; I'm surprised Square Enix didn't use Final Fantasy characters. The company announced the title at the Tokyo Game Show.

Players are "Agents," and issue commands to monsters and working with teammates to destroy their opponent's guardian (sound familiar?). They'll have the freedom to choose a playstyle: bolstering their base's defenses or taking the fight to other Agents directly. Sun Tzu says "Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack."

And, as is appropriate, players will customize their equipment and skills to meet the demands of the battlefield, unlocking new characters as they secure victory after victory.

FLAME x BLAZE is set to go into Open Beta in Japan this Winter, 2016, while a North American version should follow shortly after Japan's beta period.