Get A Free Level 100 Character Boost In EverQuest 2

Everyone who logs into EverQuest 2 before Monday, May 22, 2017 is entitled to a free level 100 character boost. The promotion is in-part a way to promote the game's latest update GU103: The Menagerie—adding the Proving Grounds.

This is a great time for someone to test out a new character, or for player that have been taking a vacation from Norrath to get to caught up to their friends when joining them on their server.

The first two events as part of the update are limited time only, and challenge two teams of up to six players to finish a PvE event first. The first one begins on May 9th, and ends on the 16th; while the second starts on the 16th and ends the 23rd. Meanwhile the update also adds Familiars: pets that provide buffs: "some of the more unique and rare familiars have custom abilities or buffs for level 100 characters based on the familiar creature type."