Gloria Victis Guilds Can Now Fight For Control Of Skergard Castle

gloria victis knights fireplaceThe latest Gloria Victis patch introduces guild-based territory control in the form of the new Guild vs Guild Skergard Castle. Skergard is a medieval castle perched atop a snow-capped mountain that will let you live your Game of Thrones or Frozen fantasies, whichever one floats your boat.

“Skergard is placed on top and slopes of a new mountain – amount and wealth of the resources in this area are comparable, or slightly better, to what can be found around the Lord Wrath’s Abbey, also most of them appear inside a palisade. In future resources in farms, mines and lumbermills in guild-controlled territories will be generated over time and stored in warehouses – you will be able to attack and plunder these warehouses all the time, disregarding the State of War – except for ‘night riding’.”

Black Eye Games plans to add more guild territories and make them more beneficial in the future based on feedback from the community. “Our plans for expanding the guild’s benefits include ability to select which workshop will be built, possibility to regulate the taxes on each workshop and a chest for collected taxes,” says Black Eye. “We can’t promise it yet but we also consider adding some form of free building system in future so the guilds could design and build their own kingdoms.”

Learn more about guild-controlled locations, State of War, and the teams plans for PvP in the video after the break. You can also head over to the Gloria Victis official site for more info.