Gloria Victis is Shutting Down After Final Season

gloria victis mmorpg medieval army

The developers behind the medieval open world MMORPG Gloria Victis announced that the game is shutting down after a final season. That final season is scheduled to end on October 31, 2023.

Announced in 2012, entering pre-alpha in 2013, and full release in 2016, Gloria Victis has been a decade long journey for fans of the hardcore sandbox MMORPG. The end of Gloria Victis will also mark the end of Black Eye Games, the studio behind the game. The key reason given for the closure are declining revenues. The game is not earning enough revenue to maintain servers and other associated expenses.

An official notice by the developers include additional information about the decision to close the game and patch notes for the final season. Gloria Victis was a unique take on the genre with persistent player housing and a slower pace of progression. The indie MMORPG was managed with a team of around 15 developers during its 10 year tenure.

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