Random Adventures And Beta Berserker Live In Latest AdventureQuest 3D Update

adventurequest 3d beta berserker blueArtix Entertainment rolled out the new Beta Berserker class in the latest AdventureQuest 3D dev server update earlier this week. If you’re expecting to play the newest class instantly you’re sadly mistaken. You’ll have to work hard to gain access to the class through the new Random Adventures feature.

Players will first need to collect Battle Gems dropped by the final boss, and sometimes mini-bosses, during a Random Adventure run. These Battle Gems can then be used to craft Beta Berserker gear. Battle Shards, which also drop from dungeon mobs, can also be used to craft Battle Gems.

There are currently only two “random” dungeons available with more coming in future updates.

“Yergen is making more dungeons and adventure maps. (A lot more) In fact, he already has a new Frost Dungeon nearly complete. As the game grows and expands, we will use our newest assets to create new, fun, and interesting adventures. No, they will not all be "dungeons". Some adventures will be outside, or in buildings, or well, anywhere. We can get REALLY creative.”

To start a Random Adventure, simply click on the Crystal and choose Random Adventure. You’ll then be teleported to a random dungeon with a random player. You know what to do from there.

Check out the AdventureQuest 3D official site for more info.