Gravity Teases Ragnarok R - Is It A New Title Or An Already Existent Mobile Game?

Gravity's YouTube page posted a cryptic video that may point to a new title called Ragnarok R, or it may just be an already released game. The video is a hand wielding a pencil drawing the Ragnarok logo and then throwing an "R" underneath. What does that "R" stand for?

Steparu points out the "R" may mean "Revival" which would indicate an already existent Ragnarok mobile game called "Ragnarok Revival:" is a mobile side-scroller already available in Thailand and China. And you can see videos of gameplay by heading to YouTube or watching this one here. It's not too exciting. The theory would run that Gravity Korea is planning to bring the game to their audience. But I don't think that's the full story.

When you compare the Revival "R" with the one featured in the video, they don't match. The slogan "NEW BEGINNING" on the YouTube video leads me to believe a separate title is in the works. Or, an overhaul of the existing Ragnarok Online.

Gravity knows that Ragnarok classic is their money-maker. But the steam from mobile games in China and abroad can only keep them afloat for so long. Maybe Gravity is planning to pump out an overhauled Ragnarok Online Classic. Or the "R" just stands for Renewal and is part of a campaign to promote Ragnarok Online's Renewal Server. Though I'm placing my chips in the former. My guess is Gravity is going to pump out another RO project, one more in-line with the version players loved exploring on private servers.

Whatever the "R" in Ragnarok R means, the one safe bet is that the Ragnarok Online IP isn't disappearing any time soon.

  • Yuujin

    Turn based mobile game? Eeeeehh there's enough of them, more than I can count.

  • xEppyx

    I just don't understand why they haven't tried to capitalize on the original one. They tried to make a terrible 3d squeal.. but did they ever think of just .. idk.. upgrading and redoing the original one in 2d? add new classes, new bosses, slightly better/different art-style and call it a day? (and for the love of god no third classes). Capitalize on the WoE and PVP aspect as well.

  • Stanley Zack Bin Sebol

    Ragnarok Remake??!! Fuuuu yess!! I've always wished that RO1, one of my two all time fav MMO(the other being Wakfu), needs to be remade!! Fuuu yess fuuu yess fuuuu yesss!! Ahaa 😛
    Transcendent class should be 3rd class and 3rd class should be 4th class and I hope they'll add more classes more lore more story more interactibility. It's a 2D MMO, but I hope they can make it to be an action 2D MMO like Zenonia's combat system or Tree of Savior combat system.

  • 4curry

    Also, the Korean voice over says, "We are erasing (old) Ragnarok, and we would like to invite you to (new) Ragnarok". I think this is teaser for something new or at least not another mobile game (hopefully). The statement doesn't necessarily imply they're going to shut down the old game servers or anything like that. Though this is pure speculation, as this little article is, I think it looks like either a new attempt at a sequel or some kind of re-haul of the old game. I don't have my hopes up but definitely got
    my eyes on where this goes.

  • Preciel

    the koreans were enraged to hear about how gravity is moving three steps back with a sub par mobile version, they don't seem to understand that even nexon is failing with the mobile genre, tree of savior mobile is going to bury this alive.. for a game released in 2017 it sure looks like a generic chinese rip off lol.