Guild Wars 2 lets people buy Max Level potions, joining the ranks of other MMOs

World of Warcraft is on its sixth expansion now. Add that on to the base game, and that's a lot of content for one player to go through. And obviously, Blizzard wants you to play that content. Not just because the more you play, the more money they make off of players, but also because men and women put hard work into developing the content players see on their screen.

However, Blizzard also recognizes that newcomers to World of Warcraft may not want to sit through seven patches of content to play the end-game raids with their friends. Square Enix also recognizes that in its premier MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, and both companies offer ways to circumvent the grind of leveling up.

And now, Guild Wars 2 is joining the pack, and is offering players Instant Level-80 Tickets.

Path of Fire Preparation Pack

For those who have been out-of-the-loop, Path of Fire is Guild Wars 2's second expansion. To capitalize on new players coming into Guild Wars 2 with this next expansion, NCSoft is offering a bundle pack that includes 1 Character Slot, 2 Bag Slot Expansions, an Instant Level 80 Ticket, an Unbreakable Gathering Tools Container, and 10 Black Lion Chest Keys. This pack costs 3,500 gems - a number that is not evenly attainable in the Guild Wars 2 Gem store (Gems are currency players have to buy with cash). Personally, I view this pricing as highly anti-consumer, as players JUST focused on buying the pack will be forced to buy more Gems than necessary.

However, players who are just interested in buying the level boost, can do so for 2,000 Gems - also a number not evenly attainable. You can check out the developers of Guild Wars 2 talk about Path of Fire down below.

  • Caillend

    You forget: You can exchange gold to gems, so the sentence "Personally, I view this pricing as highly anti-consumer, as players JUST focused on buying the pack will be forced to buy more Gems than necessary." makes no sense.

    If you play enough, you can just buy it without the need to pay a single penny.

  • Marc “LokiFM” Stikkelman

    You can change your ingame gold to gems, so you'll always be able to nicely round out your gem amount by either buying a lower amount of gems with money and then buying the rest with gold or alternatively buying the higher gempack with money and then selling the remained for gold.

    Also there are plenty of ingame ways to earn level boosts, to boost another character to 80. this is mainly aimed at new players without playtime yet and since all zones are level getting a player straight into leveling masteries seems like a smart thing for GW2.

    • ivan_

      gem prices have steadily inflated since launch, and gold drops didn't inflate proportionally. basically, gems are very expensive and unreasonable to buy, you're better off using gold for TP mats.

      I have spent both real money and earned thousands of in-game gold to buy gems + mats, and it is definitely an anti-consumer cash-shop.

      as for level 80, not sure what changed. they basically gave new players level 80 with level 20 boost, level 30 boost, and all those level tomes from everywhere. isn't edge of the mists (realm vs realm type pvp) still a grind train for alts?

      • darkfyra

        So it would be better to fully leave this game and found another....sadly are there any mmo you recommend playing?

  • darkfyra

    So Guild Wars 2 just became like all the rest of the mmo....feel like it's not worth coming back now

    • ǥiǺииiรckร

      just fyi you can change gold for gems and with a little farm its pretty easy.

    • ivan_

      it was always like the rest of the MMOs. they claimed to be sooo different at launch, but what we ended up getting was:
      TERA combat (TERA wasn't even the first, but they were the first mainstream mmo to pull it off, contrary to fanboy belief that gw2 was the first to do theirs)
      Fake dynamic questing (so no npc, but still collect 10 eggs, kill 10 lizards, except you can do 1 or 2 things to complete each quest)
      Linear storyline (it "branches", but it all links back together in one big politically-correct diversity/tokenism mess of a story)
      Fake dynamic world (the world just resets after a certain time and you repeat the grind again. no factions, no long-term impact. players have the "illusion" of voting for changes, but in reality the company just does what it wants)
      Expansions release old content (a ton of the game and expansions are just recycled content from guild wars 1 - almost as bad as EA selling expansion packs featuring direct copy-paste furniture and clothes for $40 a pack. almost.)
      Expansions release content asked for by players FROM THE PREVIOUS EXPANSION (hey Anet, can you put this feature in the game for heart of thorns? a lot of us have been waiting since launch for this - Anet: nah fam, why would we sell you an expansion with stuff you wanted when we can sell it to you in two?)

      Not sure what's dumber, LOTRO pumping out a copy-paste expansion in 2017 for $80 or GW2 still believing the game has a future. And btw, I still play LOTRO and quit GW2, but put in hundreds if not thousands of hours in both. Both making dumb mistakes I'd be happy to see both die (although I'd rather see GW2 die faster because LOTRO still has charm to it).

      • DogeDoge

        Forgot to mention that all old content (gear/levels) are still good. I don't know why you'd want to sit at level 80 for 5 years with the same gear that was good back when the game came out.

      • Rafael

        @disqus_cIAgiYxPd1:disqus my God, the internet has created some salty spoiled pricks like you haven't it? It's hard to read so many pointless arguments, it hurts my eyes. The bottomline is, you are very welcome to stay away from GW2, since nobody wants a person with your attitude there. It's a casual game for people to play with friends. You don't seem to have any so I can somehow understand your rage.

        • ivan_

          I'm happy to stay away from GW2, keep playing your dying game for all I care lol, in fact spend more of your money on it please! makes 0 difference to me.

          My friends and I enjoy plenty of MOBAs, the occasional MMORPG, and single player games. What do you play? GW2? LOL

    • Valkyrain

      No. Guild Wars 2 is still a unique and kinda casual experience.

  • Augosyx

    I guess it's abit pointless to debate because what is on the developer's/publisher's mind is that new players can play with veterans, although that's just all sprinkles and sugars as we all know that's mostly just clickbait to earn more. At the end of the day, the problem lies whether these new players understand the concept of the game and how they work around it. Not sure how WoW or GW2 works in terms of exp rates but FFXIV has its own way of leveling up a class/job and one can easily get to the max level with the features included in the game, having a "Jump Potion" - basically how SE team terms it, kills off that vibe so anyone can be at their highest - FFXIV being at 60 immediately and continue from there, took little regard on how each roles of the job takes time to understand.

  • Final Fantasy XIV has this too, as does a lot of other games now.

  • darkfyra

    I enjoy a good story,don't have the PC for TERA,used to play path of exile(enjoyed more the paid arpgs),played Blade & Soul(left because of getting bored/pay2win issues/bad questing),Heroes of the Storm I got a free code for a character with my Starcraft 2 Battle Chest..So it would be the best time to get in...never played a moba that was not Vainglory..So I'm unfamiliar with the genre and heard awful stories about the community inside them.Albion Online...don't seem to be in Canada yet.Heard that The Secret World Legends is pay2win...but I'm extremely interested by the story and the non traditional universe....(Penny Dreadful/X Files like mmo) word..autoplay!,don't like FPS so no to Warframe except if it have elements interesting to a RPG/srpg/rts gamer

  • darkfyra

    Revo had an autoplay issues,B&S had pay2win and I got bored by the questing,don't have the PC to play TERA,got a code with my copy of Starcraft 2 battle chest for a Heroes of the Storm but never played a moba before outside Vainglory,don't like FPS so Warframe may not be for me.TSWLegend is said to be quite pay2win...sadly I'm interested by the non standard setting and love a good story,(I enjoy a game more when it have a good story)

  • darkfyra

    Forgot to say a hero for Heroes of the Storm,darn writing on a tablet,late in the day