Guild Wars 2 lets people buy Max Level potions, joining the ranks of other MMOs

World of Warcraft is on its sixth expansion now. Add that on to the base game, and that's a lot of content for one player to go through. And obviously, Blizzard wants you to play that content. Not just because the more you play, the more money they make off of players, but also because men and women put hard work into developing the content players see on their screen.

However, Blizzard also recognizes that newcomers to World of Warcraft may not want to sit through seven patches of content to play the end-game raids with their friends. Square Enix also recognizes that in its premier MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, and both companies offer ways to circumvent the grind of leveling up.

And now, Guild Wars 2 is joining the pack, and is offering players Instant Level-80 Tickets.

Path of Fire Preparation Pack

For those who have been out-of-the-loop, Path of Fire is Guild Wars 2's second expansion. To capitalize on new players coming into Guild Wars 2 with this next expansion, NCSoft is offering a bundle pack that includes 1 Character Slot, 2 Bag Slot Expansions, an Instant Level 80 Ticket, an Unbreakable Gathering Tools Container, and 10 Black Lion Chest Keys. This pack costs 3,500 gems - a number that is not evenly attainable in the Guild Wars 2 Gem store (Gems are currency players have to buy with cash). Personally, I view this pricing as highly anti-consumer, as players JUST focused on buying the pack will be forced to buy more Gems than necessary.

However, players who are just interested in buying the level boost, can do so for 2,000 Gems - also a number not evenly attainable. You can check out the developers of Guild Wars 2 talk about Path of Fire down below.