Guild Wars 2 Plans To Bring Back The Public Version Of The Twisted Marionette This Summer

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It’s been a week since ArenaNet brought back the Twisted Marionette encounter to the delight of veteran Guild Wars 2 players. While the team notes that players have risen to the challenge with nearly double the completion rate compared to last week, it still proved to be quite a challenge for most public groups, some of which failed to complete the encounter’s achievement goals.

“The Marionette is a demanding fight and individual players have a huge impact on the outcome of the event. It requires significant coordination and collaboration – much more so than most of the other world events,” said the devs. “We think it’s fair to say that it’s taken some players outside of their comfort zone.”

Unfortunately for them, the Twisted Marionette’s public entry option has ended as of today and the encounter will only be available in Squad Mode going forward. ArenaNet, however, is planning to bring back the Marionette’s public version by late summer with a very important change: the event timer will only begin once the minimum number of players have entered the instance. Additionally, the event timer in Squad Mode will also only begin when the squad leader confirms that the entire group is ready to start the encounter.

“When we started planning to add the Twisted Marionette back to the game, we were concerned that the difficulty level and the player counts required for the encounter would make it challenging to keep in the event rotation. After reviewing the data we mentioned above, we’re feeling a lot better about it,” the team said. “[. . .] We’re going to make some changes to the encounter so we can bring it back into public rotation permanently.”

More information can be found on the Guild Wars 2 official forums.

The Twisted Marionette Encounter Returns to Guild Wars 2

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