Guild Wars 2 Writer Fired Over Disrespectful Interaction With Fan

guild wars 2 black and white group

Guild Wars 2 writer Jessica Price was fired from her job at ArenaNet after posting a condescending and disrespectful tweet:

Some context: Deroir was trying to discuss some of the writing in Guild Wars 2 with Jessica in a professional manner in a 3 part tweet. While it's clear from the tweets themselves that Deroir wasn't trying to tell Jessica Price how to do her job, it can understandably get frustrating to be criticized publicly. What makes the least sense though is Jessica's attempt at turning this disagreement into a gender issue, which it clearly wasn't.

Mike O'Brien, president and co-founder of ArenaNet, made a post on the official Guild Wars 2 forums informing the game's community that they recently fired 2 employees who "failed to uphold our standards of communicating with players. Their attacks on the community were unacceptable".

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