H1Z1 Battle Royale Sees A Surprisingly Huge Spike In Player Concurrency

h1z1 z1 battle royale face off bannerZ1 Battle Royale, apparently that’s what they’re calling the H1Z1 battle royale mode now, has seen a huge increase in player concurrency over the past month. By huge, I mean a whopping 900% increase in peak players. Based on data from Steam Charts, the unexpected spike started early in January and peaked at slightly over 9,500 players. Daybreak Games must be absolutely ecstatic with these numbers considering that the game peaked at less than 500 players in December.

So what’s the reason behind the sudden resurgence of players and interest in the game? According to thread on Reddit, a pair of pro H1Z1 streamers, Stormen and eryctriceps, decided to spotlight the game and hold a tournament to bring players back. Obviously, it worked like a charm. The question is, how long before the players start leaving again?