Daybreak Games Receives Investment From NantWorks to Develop Mobile H1Z1 and EverQuest

It's been a busy week in financial and industry news and to make it even busier Daybreak announced today that it received a strategic investment from NantWorks to develop H1Z1 and EverQuest for mobile. “NantWorks, a diversified holding company, today announced that it has made a strategic investment in Daybreak Game Company, a leading developer and publisher of multiplayer online [...]

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H1Z1 Goes Free to Play

H1Z1 from Daybreak Games officially went free to play today. The hectic Battle Royale game which helped popularized the genre has been steadily losing players to both Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite. The move to go free to play should help boost the game's numbers though. Anyone who owned H1Z1 before it went free to play today will get the following [...]

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Daybreak Rolls Out Just Survive PTS Update, Reiterates That H1Z1 And Just Survive Are Separate Entities

just survive base building

Last August, H1Z1: Just Survive, the actual zombie survival half of the game dropped the H1Z1 name and was rebranded as simply Just Survive. Daybreak Games also rolled out the new Badwater Canyon zone on the same day and released several updates over the succeeding weeks. The latest Just Survive dev blog outlines the changes made to the test server [...]

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H1Z1 Kicks Off $500K Invitational Today At TwitchCon 2017

h1z1 invitational twitch streamers

H1Z1 may be lagging behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite but what its competitors doesn’t have is a $500,000 prize pool invitational. The first leg of the three-day tournament kicked off earlier today at TwitchCon 2017 with the Challenger Qualifiers. “The most watched event at TwitchCon since its debut in 2015 has returned bigger than ever with an overall prize pool [...]

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H1Z1 China Replaces Police Cars With Taxi Cabs

In an odd bit of censorship, the Chinese version of H1Z1 available through Steam has released a patch which transform police cars into taxis cabs. That's not all. According to 17173, even the game's blood got a makeover: it's been recolored to black. A bit odd. I've certainly played Chinese games with crimson flowing splatter effects before, or maybe my [...]

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