Hi-Rez Takes Action Against Over 20k Toxic SMITE Players

smite matchup artHi-Rez Studios has brought out the mighty ban hammer and is actively cracking down on toxic SMITE players. According to a recent developer update, the studio has taken action against over 2,000 players on all platforms because of allegedly toxic in-game behavior. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Thousands more have faced the studios wrath in Season 5 alone.

“Over 20,000 players have been suspended or banned in SMITE during Season 5 so far. However, this latest action today represents a ramp-up in our suspension activities, especially on Xbox and PS4, where our tools and processes have improved the most.

One of our top priorities is making sure the player experience is positive and fun, and we’ve done major work recently to help us handle in game toxicity. We’ve been working hard to improve our machine learning tools to better identify players that have shown trends of negative behavior, as well as ramp up the efforts of our internal team at Hi-Rez that checks player reports and chat logs.”

Hi-Rez says that player reports are instrumental in maintaining a positive game environment and is encouraging players to continue to make full use of the in-game reporting system. The studio also says that this is just the first step to promoting positive behavior and handling negativity in the game. “We have more improvements planned for the coming months to continue this initiative, so stay tuned,” the studio said.

The SMITE team is also hard at work polishing up the upcoming Dragon’s Fortune 5.9 update. Watch the devs talk about it in the Dragon’s Fortune showcase video after the jump.