Highest Grossing Games of April, 2018 - Fortnite Made Almost $300 Million in April

fortnite hero lineup

Gaming analytics firm Superdataresearch just released their tables for the highest grossing games on PC, Console, and Mobile for the month of April 2018 today and Fortnite continues to bring in the big bucks. Fortnite was #5 on the PC list but took the #1 spot on console. All platforms combined (PC, Console, and mobile) the game made a whopping $297 million in April, 2018.

League of Legends reclaimed it's #1 spot from Dungeon Fighter Online which displaced it last month. Tencent's Honor of Kings continues to be one of the highest grossing video games in the world thanks to its huge success in China. Last month Honor of Kings brought in $185 million, up from $171 million in march, and $149 million from last april. League of Legends was the #1 PC game in the world last year with ~$1.8 billion in total revenue. Fortnite will likely surpass League of Legends in total revenue this year once you add up all platforms and if it continues to grow, it may surpass League of Legends on PC as well.

League of Legends boasts 100 million monthly active users. Tencent revealed last week in their earnings report that Fortnite currently hits "over 40 million" monthly active users across PC + Console. It took League of Legends nearly a decade to hit 100 million active players. If Fortnite's trajectory continues, it may hit that in less than 3 years.

Just take a look at how much mindshare Fortnite takes up on popular streaming sites like Twitch:

It looks like people watched more Fortnite in March, 2018 than League of Legends, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Counter-Strike: GO, and World of Tanks combined. Now that's incredible. Time will tell if Fortnite can maintain this incredible momentum.